Press on RV Safe Parking and Homelessness

Had a brief segment on KSBW

Got a good write up in the Santa Cruz Sentinel

If you noticed that the article in the Sentinel said that our wait list was 37, while the KSBW segment said that our wait list is nearly 50 – it’s because our list grew quite a bit in just two days.

Also gave my perspective on the shutdown of the Footbridge Services Center

Paid The Cost Podcast

Had an incredible conversation with Nativo on his Paid the Cost podcast at the end of August, about homelessness and my life in general. Here is the link to the episode itself.

Also, Alejandro (here’s his Instagram) made this incredible image of me, hearkening back to when I did outreach with people who are homeless and handed out cookies as part of that outreach…

On KSQD talking about Homelessness in Santa Cruz

I made an appearance on community radio

In case you want to hear me on the panel with a couple of homeless activists, (including Reggie from Santa Cruz Cares) hosted by Ami Chen Mills, talking about the current homeless situation in Santa Cruz – here is the youtube link: