Ranking Data from Meeting 2

Score Idea
33 Increase Housing Stock, More Homeless Prevention
32 Change Zoning Laws to Higher Density, More Overnight Shelters in the County
31 More Inpatient Beds, UC increase student housing
30 Increase Housing Retention, More Specialized Shelters, Expand Day Center Capacity
28 45-50 inpatient beds in each district, Redfine “Affordable Housing”
27 More Transitional Housing, Increase Permanent Supportive Housing, Landlord Outreach about Section 8, Funding Proportionate to Need, More Navigation Staff, Make it less financially risky for landlords
26 Collect data on cost savings of providing services
25 Specialized Client Action Networks, Landlord Outreach about renting to people who have been homeless
24 Make sure tangental services (DMV, Social Security, Medical Services) are accessible for people who are homeless, Flexible Funding, Centralized Access to Services, Equal access to services & support through the entire county
22 Pursue Big Corporate Dollars
21 Collect data on past services versus present ones, Give access to services to all individuals, not just the most vulnerable
20 Smaller specialized housing program villages
18 Vulnerable folks housed near services, Bust Myths and Stigma around Homelessness
17 Increase Transportation Services Throughout the County, Share Success Stories from People Who Have Ended Their Homelessness
16 Decriminalize Homelessness (ie; ticketing for camping, etc)
14 Corporate donations (ie; Uber giving free rides)
13 Technology Education for People Who are Homeless
12 Organized Positive Advocacy, Cater services open hours to the needs of people who are homeless (ie; around the clock services, flex case managers schedules), Moral/Financial/Political Awareness, Humanize People Who Are Homeless
11 Public Education of Homeless Narrative
9 Get all ages involved in ending homelessness, Anti-Discrimination Laws for People Experiencing Homelessness